about the book


To the world, Samantha has the perfect life. Three wonderful children, a loving husband, and a life split between Dallas and Italy. When her youngest leaves for college, it all comes crashing down, forcing her to re-examine exactly what she wants from her world.

Emboldened and ready to take control of her future, Samantha heads to Italy to meet her husband, Michael, prepared to leave the last 25 years of her life behind. Michael, she soon discovers, has secrets and an agenda of his own that could change their lives forever. Life has had its way with them and nothing is quite what they’d imagined it would be.

Over seven days in one of the most romantic countries in the world, Samantha faces the past she thought she had overcome and begins to redefine her role as a woman, wife and mother.  


Praise for Running with Our Eyes Closed


“A true page-turner! Haven’t felt like this about a book in forever – or since 50 Shades!”
– Anna Stone, Principal, Stone Partners

“A book not only for empty-nesters, but for everyone who needs to feel that we are not alone on this journey...this dance...our lives.”
– Pamela Robins, Author